OpenFEMA API Explorer Public Assistance Funded Projects Summaries

Name Description
Federal Obligated Amount The Public Assistance grant funding available to the grantee (State), for sub-grantee approved Project Worksheets.
Last Refresh Date the record was last updated in the API data store
Number Of Projects Number of funded Project Worksheets associated with the applicant under the specified declaration.
Disaster Number Sequentially assigned number used to identify a declared event in a U.S. state or territory. Disasters in the range 1-1999 are major disasters and 3000 and above are special emergency declarations. For more information on the disaster process,
Declaration Date Date the disaster was declared a federal disaster event.
County The name of a U.S. county, parish, borough, independent city or other political subdivision of a U.S. state or territory.
Applicant Name Name of the entity requesting Public Assistance grant funding. (Eligible Public Assistance applicants are sub-grantees).
State The name of a U.S. state or territory.
Education Applicant Denotes whether the applicant's primary function is educational; derived field based on suite of keywords in applicant name.
Incident Type Type of incident such as fire or flood. The incident type will affect the types of assistance available. For more information on incident types, please visit:
ID Unique ID assigned to the record
Hash MD5 Hash of fields and values of the record

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