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Name Description
Modified Most recent date on which the dataset was changed, updated or modified.
ID Unique ID assigned to the record
Contact POC Contact person's name for the asset.
Version Major version number of the dataset. Version number does not change when additional fields are added to an existing dataset. The documentation will be updated to reflect the new fields.
POC Email Address Contact person's email address.
Data Dictionary URL to the data dictionary for the dataset or API. Note that documentation other than a data dictionary can be referenced using Related Documents as shown in the expanded fields.
identifier Unique ID for a dataset
Description Human-readable description (e.g., an abstract) with sufficient detail to enable a user to quickly understand whether the asset is of interest.
Distribution Holds multiple download URLs for datasets composed of multiple files and/or file types
API Is the dataset part of the FEMA API
Name Name of the dataset.
Publisher The publishing entity.
Date Range The range of temporal applicability of a dataset (i.e., a start and end date of applicability for the data).
Access Level The degree to which this dataset could be made publicly-available, regardless of whether it has been made available. Choices: public (data asset is or could be made publicly available to all without restrictions), restricted public (data asset is available under certain use restrictions), or non-public (data asset is not available to members of the public).
Title Human-readable name of the asset. Should be in plain English and include sufficient detail to facilitate search and discovery.
Keyword Tags (or keywords) help users discover your dataset; please include terms that would be used by technical and non-technical users.
Program Home Page Alternative landing page used to redirect user to a contextual, Agency-hosted "homepage" for the dataset or API when selecting this resource from the user interface.
Last Refresh Last date the dataset was updated in the datastore
Web Service Endpoint of web service to access dataset.

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