OpenFEMA API Explorer Individual Assistance Housing Registrants Large Disasters

Name Description
Damaged State Abbreviation Damaged Dwelling State Abbreviation
Gross Income Self-reported Gross Income
Damaged Zip Code Damaged Dwelling Zip Code
Owner or Renter Applicant is Owner or Renter of Dwelling
Inspected Indicator Has the applicant been inspected by FEMA?
Flood Damage Indicator Was damage caused by flooding?
Repair Amount Amount of Repair Assistance in dollars
RP FVL Real property damage amount observed by FEMA
Personal Property Verified Loss FEMA Verified Loss captured during inspection of personal property
Roof Damage Amount Roof damage amount observed by FEMA
Household Composition Number of individuals living in household at time of damage
Replacement Amount Amount of Replacement Assistance in dollars
Rental Assistance Amount Amount of Rental Assistance in dollars
Temporary Sheltering Assistance Eligible Is applicant eligible for Temporary Sheltering Assistance?
Residence Type Damaged Dwelling Residence Type
Rental Resource City Rental Resource City
Water Level Total depth of water in damaged dwelling
Rental Assistance End Date Final Month applicant received Rental Assistance
Foundation Damage Indicator Has the damaged dwelling's foundation been damaged?
Damaged City Damaged Dwelling City
Repair Assistance Eligible Is applicant eligible for FEMA assistance to repair the damaged dwelling?
Home Owners Insurance Does the applicant have Home Owner's Insurance?
Rental Resource State Abbreviation Rental Resource State Abbreviation
Small Business Association Eligible Is applicant eligible for a Small Business Association loan?
Personal Property Eligible Is the applicant eligible for FEMA's Other Needs Assistance (ONA) to cover damaged personal property
TSA Checked In Has applicant checked in to FEMA provided Temporary Sheltering Assistance facility?
Special Needs Indicator Applicant requires special accommodations to use FEMA assistance
Renter Damage Level Level of Damage: Moderate, Major, Destroyed
Habitability Repairs Required Are repairs required to make the dwelling habitable?
Census Block ID Address-based 15-character code that is the concatenation of fields consisting of the 2-character state FIPS code, the 3-character county FIPS code, the 6-character census tract code, and the 4-character tabulation block code. Please see: CENSUS BLOCK ID MAY HAVE TO BE RE-FORMATTED IN EXCEL TO SEE THE ID CORRECTLY. CREATE A CUSTOM DATA TYPE WITH FIFTEEN HASH SYMBOLS: ###############
Rental Resource Zip Code Rental Resource Zip Code
Disaster Number Unique FEMA numerical identifer for each disaster declaration
Replacement Assistance Eligible Is applicant eligible for FEMA assistance to replace the damaged dwelling?
Flood Insurance Indicator Does the applicant have flood insurance?
Primary Residence Is the applicant's damaged dwelling his/her primary residence?
Foundation Damage Amount Foundation damage amount observed by FEMA
Destroyed Is structure permanently uninhabitable?
Census Year Census period used to obtain Census Block ID
ID System generated unique identifier
Rental Assistance Eligible Is applicant eligible for FEMA rental assistance?
Roof Damage Indicator Has the damage dwelling's roof been damaged?

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