OpenFEMA API Explorer Hazard Mitigation Grants

Name Description
Project Title Title of the project.
Disaster Title Brief title for the disaster.
Incident Type Type of incident such as Fire or Flood. The incident type will affect the types of assistance available. For more information on incident types, please visit:
State The name or phrase describing the U.S. state, district, or territory.
Project Type Project, or activity, type(s) for the project. When a project involves more than one type/activity, a semicolon delimited list of types/activities is displayed.
Cost Share Percentage The percentage of the total project cost to be covered by FEMA.
Disaster Number Sequentially assigned number used to designate an event or incident declared as a disaster. For more information on the disaster process,
Project Number Number assigned to the project after submission to FEMA. For disaster programs, the project number must be
Subgrantee FIPS Code FIPS code, associated with the Sub-grantee that consists of a two-digit state code and three-digit county code.
Last Refresh Date the record was last updated in the API data store
ID Unique ID assigned to the record
Subgrantee Name of the Subgrantee involved with the project. The subgrantee is the project recipient.
Declaration Date Date the disaster was declared.
Hash MD5 Hash of fields and values of the record
Project Amount Total cost of a project as submitted in the project application.
Region Number (1-10) used to represent the Region.
Status Project's current status such as Approved, Awarded, Closed, Completed. For HMGP projects, if any
Project Description Description of the project.
Project Counties County, or counties, associated with the project. When a project involves more than one county, a semicolon delimited list of counties is displayed.

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