OpenFEMA API Explorer Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Property Acquisitions

Name Description
County County, or counties, associated with the project. When a project involves more than one county, a semicolon delimited list of counties is displayed.
Disaster Number Sequentially assigned number used to designate an event or incident declared as a disaster. Please Note: The data field "Actual Amount Paid" does not exist in HMGP-Historical; any Disaster Number prior to 1239, between 1240 and 1259 will not have the "Actual Amount Paid" data field
Project Number Number assigned to the project after submission to FEMA. For disaster programs, the project number must be combined with the disaster number to be meaningful and unique. For non-disaster programs, the project number is unique by itself and contains information regarding program area, region, state, and FY.
Actual Amount Paid Actual amount paid to the property owner. The column Actual Amount Paid may or may not reflect the amount actually paid by FEMA to mitigate the structure. Often the negotiated price, based on fair market value prior to the event if applicable, will be offset by duplication of benefits prior to settlement. In addition, the actual amount paid to acquire the structure from both Federal and nonfederal funds may or may not include ancillary costs such as appraisals, closing cost or legal fees, asbestos assessment and abatement and demolition costs among others.
Zip Code ZIP code where property is located.
Structure Type Type of structure such as manufactured home, single family.
State The name or phrase describing the U.S. state, district, or territory.
Damage Category Amount of damage, expressed as a percentage, to a structure relative to the market value of the structure before the damage occurred.
City City, or cities, associated with the project. When a project involves more than one city, a semicolon delimited list of cities is displayed.
ID Unique ID assigned to the record
Project Title Name assigned to the project after submission to FEMA.
Date Closed Date this project was closed by FEMA
Type of Residency Type of residency such as primary, rental, secondary

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