OpenFEMA API Explorer FEMA Web Disaster Declarations

Name Description
Disaster Name The proper name or description of the disaster, i.e. HURRICANE MARIA, FLOODING, SEVERE STORMS
Incident End Date The date the incident itseld ended
Incident Type The specific category for the disaster, i.e. Coastal Storm, Drought, Flood, Snow, Hurricane, Wildfire
State Name The name of phrase describing the U.S. state, district, or territory
Update Date The date the disaster declaration data was last updated by NEMIS
Closeout Date The official closeout date of a disaster, after which, one can no longer apply for assistance.
ID Unique ID for the record that does not persist between data set refreshes
Incident Begin Date The date the incident itself began
Declaration Type A disaster is designated as one of four declaration types: Major Disaster (DR), Emergency (EM), Fire Management Assistance (FMA), Fire Supression Authorization (FSA)
State Code Two letter code for U.S. states, districts, and territories
Entry Date The date the declared disaster was entered into NEMIS.
Disaster Number Number assigned to designate an event or incident declared as a disaster

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